REDEC 2018 Beirut 1-2 November
International Conference on Renewable Energies for Developing countries

About REDEC 2018

REDEC 2018 is a specific scientific conference that helps in finding innovative and adequate solutions for energy saving and production in developing countries. During the first REDEC 2012, the second REDEC 2014 and the third REDEC 2016 conferences, participants from across the globe have discussed the scientific issues that were presented and subsequently published in IEEE Xplore.
Due to the fruitful results, the organization of REDEC 2018 has started with additional types of sessions with new proposed topics giving more chance to a wide profile of participants to present their work in the domain of renewable energy and related research.

Renewable Energies in Developping Countries

Important projects (Lebanon):

  • EU project MED-ALGAE: Production of biodiesel from Algae in selected Mediterranean Countries.
  • EU project CLEANERTEC: “Toward clean Energy technologies and innovative environmental solutions in Lebanon”.
  • EU FP7 project RESSOL.
  • EU (INCO) project REACT: Self-Sufficient Renewable Energy Air-Conditioning Systems for MPC.
  • EU (INCO) project DISTRES:  Promotion and Consolidation of all RTD Activities for Renewable Distributed Generation Technologies in the Mediterranean Region.  
  • EU (INCO) project RAMSES: Renewable Energy Agricultural Multipurpose System for Farmers.
  • EU (INCO) project HYPA:  Euro-Mediterranean renewable energy partnership.







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